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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

best single serve coffee maker

Having a nice cup of coffee right there in your home is a great delight. Especially for coffee lovers. Today, on the market you can find a plethora of coffee makers that are coming in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs you can select from the simplest ones to those who have timers and notifies you about scheduled brewing.

Of course, every coffee brewer comes with various features. For example, coffee warmer, multiple outputs or timer.


On the market, you can find single serve coffee makers with water filter included. Those filters are there to cleanse the water your coffee maker is using, from all contaminations. Usually, they have filters made of carbon block, and they can have an impact on your coffee`s taste. All of this depends on the quality of water from your home`s water supply. If your water is not good at all, you will see the difference.

If you have quality water, you will have no need for a filter. Naturally, after some time, those filters need to be changed. You should do that if you want to have high-quality coffee at any moment. You will need to buy new ones in some period of time. In our experience, we see that this is a very significant element of having quality coffee at your disposal.

Keep You Coffee Heated

After you finish brewing your pot of coffee, sometimes you have some urgent business to attend to. So, after you come back after some time, you will see that coffee you made is now cold, and you can only throw it away. Having a coffee heater inside of your coffee maker is a pretty useful thing. Coffee, after made, rapidly declines in quality. Thankfully, more expensive coffee makers have a built-in heather system, which will keep your coffee warmer and tastier longer than usual.

Check the Features

The simplest coffee makers have nothing more than the pot and coffee maker. When we talk about more expensive devices, we will see that they are equipped with various gadgets and features. Among those features, you can find things that are very useful to your everyday coffee brewing. We are going to name them.


This feature has the task of informing how fresh is your coffee.  It calculates how much time has passed since brewing stopped. That way you can avoid making multiple pots if you still have a fresh one near you.


Usually, people are talking about scheduler the most. You can find it on almost every coffee maker you can think of. Except on the simplest ones. With this feature, you can have a high-quality coffee at any moment you want. You just need to pour everything into a pot and schedule when you want brewing to begin.

Whole Hosue Water Filter VS Water Softener – What Is Better?

whole house water filter vs water softener

Most of the homes in the US have a problem with hard water. That is due to minerals located in the wells our home is drawing water from. If you have hard water in your home, you need to think about acquiring a water filtration system or water softener system. You need to think about the quality of the water you want to get from those systems. The higher amount of minerals in the water, the bigger chance of you getting hard water in your home supply.

We will explain both of those systems and give you our verdict. From our article you can see all of the informationneeded and make your own choice.

Water Filtration

If you have a problem with a contaminated water, you need to get a water filtration system. For example, water filtration systems are removing pesticides, heavy metals, sediment, and dirt. It is important that you have those removed because they can worsen your home water taste, quality, make it smelly or potentially dangerous for your health.

This type of filters has the system of reverse osmosis, microporous filters, and carbon filters. Depending on the type of filter you are using, malicious elements from your water can be either completely removed or trapped in a system. You need to consider your home as an element to see if you need water filtration.

Water Softening

Water softeners have the simple task of softening hard water, which can be encountered mostly in inner-city areas. There are many symptoms from which you can conclude that you have hard water in your home. For example, stains on your appliances or sinks, itchiness of your skin and dry air in your house. Hard water consists of many elements which are causing it.

Among them, you can find the two most important ones, calcium, and magnesium. They are causing the scales that are piling up on your pipes and on the surface. These two are the elements that are meant to be treated by water softeners. All water softeners can work in two separate ways.

  • With the help of electromagnetic waves, water softeners will neutralize all the bad elements from your home water supply. Of course, they are not removing all the minerals completely. These type of water softeners are not using salts.
  • The second method is for salt-based water softeners. This type of water softeners is removing all the minerals completely from your home water supply.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all depends on your needs. If you have a case of hard water, you should use a water softener. If your water supply is contaminated, you should buy a water filtration system. You need to understand that these two systems are two completely different. Also, you need to have a clear idea of how these systems are working. We hope that our article was informative enough for you and that it will influence your potential shopping.

Types of Wine Aerators

wine aerator types

Those who are familiar with wine aerators know that all of them are having the same function. However, they are not all the same. Every type is suited to a particular situation. Some are perfect for taking it on travels, some at your home, and some are best when combined with decanters. So the situation you are in decides which type of wine aerator you should use. Furthermore, you can find tips for every kind of aerators as well as their pros and cons.

Wine Aerators

When it comes to wine aerator types, there is two of them. The first one is handheld. The second one is an in-bottle stopper. Oxygen is helping different aromas in wine to expand. That way consumer can have a better taste of all ingredients of a particular wine. Aerator opens flavor of the wine much faster decanter. Decanter needs about 30 minutes. Wine needs only one journey through wine aerator to open. That way you can speed up the procedure and save more time.

Handheld Wine Aerators

As its name implies, this type is the one that you hold in your hand, over the glass. They are like some sort of filter for wine. Some of them you can put on top of the glass while doing the same process. This kind of handheld aerators is more stable and more used. The highlight of this aerator is the big bowl for pouring the wine. That way more oxygen will go with the wine, increasing its flavor in the process.

In-Bottle Stopper Wine Aerators

Again, as its name implies, this aerator is placed into bottle. After that, you pour the wine as usual. This aerator will limit the flow of wine pouring. By pouring it slowly, you will filter the wine in the aerator. Before sipping, you should check if your aerator has a bowl that is attached to it. That bowl has the task of mixing your wine with oxygen. Most in-bottle stopper aerators are using this bowl. Without it, they are not as effective.

When You Should Use Wine Aerators and When Decanters?

As we already said, aerators are much effective than decanters. Decanters are good to use when you deal with older wine. They are good for parting wine`s sediment. If you are using aerator in this situation, you will probably fail to part wine and it`s sediment. That worsens the taste. You see what the difference is. Nevertheless, if you have a red wine with lots of sediment, you can use both aerator and a decanter. When it comes to white wines, you need to be more gentle, so you need to pour them carefully from pot to pot.


When someone decides to be in the wine business, those elements are something, he or she should be familiar with. Every type of wine needs different treatment. For example, we said that white wine is more fragile than red, and separating the sediment from wine is something that is influencing its flavor very much. So the conclusion is, choose your aerators or decanters carefully.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Black Review

waterpik ultra water flosser black

Teeth preservation is an essential thing for every person. Going to the dentist is an unpopular thing. Not many actually visit the dentist often. An ordinary person just takes care of their teeth on their own. Traditionally, dental flosses and toothbrushes were the things used for keeping your teeth healthy and in shape. They were the only thing you could use for maintaining your teeth`s health.

Several years later, now, we have water flossers. As simple as we can put it, water flossers are like some kind of oral shower. Showering your teeth with a water flosser prevents unhealthy oral conditions. Recent researches showed that by using water flosser, you could potentially improve the health of your gum up to 52%. Allow me to tell you more about the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser.

Waterpik Ultra/ WP-100

The Waterpik Ultra or WP-100 is probably the most popular Waterpik product. Opposite to the previous versions, WP-100 has an exterior that is curvier. However, this version has a smaller reservoir than later versions. Waterpik ultra is available in black and white color. Its tank can carry up to 650ml. Still, it is quieter than earlier ones. Now, we are going to present you this product in greater detail.

Benefits and Characteristics

Wp-100 comes with a number of features worth mentioning. Those features are:

  • Older versions had a reservoir with a capacity of 1000ml. WP-100 has a 650ml.
  • Waterpik ultra has a 54-inch cord.
  • It has six tips included.
  • You can select from ten water pressure settings.

Six Tips of WP-100

  • Orthodontic, used for removing bacteria and plaque around your braces.
  • Toothbrush, it is used almost exactly like a classic toothbrush.
  • Pik Pocket, this tip is pretty narrowed. It is perfect for pressures which are more focused.
  • Classic Jet, there are two of them. Those are standard tips, they are pretty much for all-around using.
  • Plaque Seeker, perfect for reaching space between bridges, implants, and braces.

Positive and Negative Sides

Like anything you can think of, Waterpik ultra has positive and negative sides. We are going to shine a light on those. In order to present them to you, we looked through various reports sent by its consumers.

Positive Sides

WP-100 is small, it will not take too much of your space.

  • Removing the reservoir is not so hard as it used to be.
  • WP-100 is small, it will not take too much of your space.
  • Removing the reservoir is not so hard as it used to be.
  • The pause button is pretty usable.
  • Improved and attractive design.
  • Having a 54-inch cord is great.
  • Much quieter than previous versions of this product.

Negative Sides

  • You will have some difficulties if you are using it for the first time.
  • Some of the users are saying that a 54-inch long cord is too short.
  • For some people, it can be a bit pricey.
  • Although quieter than older ones, some are still considering it pretty loud.


Your dental health deserves a spot among your priorities. With that settled, Waterpik Ultra, or WP-100 is a must-have device. Countless of satisfied consumers can confirm that. This device will definitely deliver things you expect from it.

Beware of refrozen ice cream, it can be dangerous


The risks associated with the consumption of certain foods , such as refrozen ice cream, are often underestimated . A little ‘for distraction, a little’ for poor information, there are dangerous behaviors that instead would be easy to avoid. Especially during the warm season, with the sun and the heat, food bacteria are always lurking. And the opportunities for developing and causing serious damage are numerous.


Everyone knows that hygiene and cleanliness are important in these cases, but above all the state of food. For this reason, when it comes to barbecues and barbecues, for example, you pay close attention and take a lot of precautions. Care is taken to preserve the meat, sterilize the shelves to prepare food. And, again, refrigeration to kill bacteria, to wash your hands before cooking, etc. When it comes to cold desserts, summer desserts, ice cream, fresh fruit, etc. we tend to lower our guard. And it is not uncommon for poorly conserved foods like frozen ice cream to be consumed.


Once melted, the ice cream should never be refrozen. Apart from the well-known risks associated with diabetes and obesity, refrozen ice cream really has the potential to do much harm. In fact, it can be contaminated by the Listeria bacteria, with even deadly consequences. One of the most common mistakes is to melt ice cream after purchase and then refreeze it once you get home. This can happen when the journey from the supermarket to the home is very long and you do not use fridge bags. The same happens when the ice cream is taken from the freezer to be brought to the table, it is not consumed completely and, although melted, is refrozen. The ice cream melts quite quickly at room temperature. The mixture of milk, sugar and liquids becomes a perfect home for bacteria like Listeria.


During the summer there is an explosion of consumption of iced coffees, fruit smoothies and ice cream smoothies. Unfortunately, there have been several scandals related to the presence of bacteria in the industrial ice of some catering chains. Fresh fruit such as cantaloupes and watermelons have also been linked to Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria outbreaks. This is because soil pathogens can persist in the peel of the fruit. Usually it is sufficient to wash the fruits under running water, but the bacteria can enter the pulp if the outside is not properly washed. In these cases they are given all the nutrients they need, the right temperature and time to grow.
During the esthete, care must therefore be taken not only on refrozen ice cream but on all cold foods. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly, check the temperature of the food and make sure you do not leave it in the heat for too long.

How to rekindle the passion under the sheets

How to light up the eros in case of the disappearance of desire is one of the dilemmas that sooner or later all couples face.

Yes, because the drop in libido can be a phase for the couple or an unmissable destiny. It all depends on how this delicate passage is dealt with. If you take it on your chest, if you deal with it, or if you ignore it hoping to pass by itself.


In the Daily Mail, the sexual wellness expert Tracey Cox gives some tips to recover her sex life successfully.

The expert tells her about how to face a couple crisis, how to deal with the issue verbally with the partner and advises correct behavior and others more wrong to solve the decline in passion.

Here’s what he revealed to the popular tabloid.

How to light up the eros in the case of the disappearance of desire

Always talk about the problem

Verbalising and thus bringing the difficult problem to the couple’s attention, is one of the most useful ways to tackle the problem of the drop in libido.

If the company is then too difficult or meets resistance, the expert also advises the intervention of a sexologist or a professional to resolve the issue.

Explain what you want in bed

Another way to improve your sex life is to communicate your sexual preferences to your partner. We often focus too much on frequency as a parameter of a good sex life. Instead, it is better to try to move the balance needle towards the quality of sexual intercourse.

Do not expect everything to end in one night

Ok, you talked about the problem and tried together to figure out what’s wrong. But now do not be hasty and do not think that everything can be resolved soon. To see real changes, it takes time and effort. So do not be discouraged if the change of route does not arrive suddenly, but insist and compare again.

YSBER Oral Dental Irrigator Water Jet Flosser Water Floss Tooth SPA – High Pressure Sprayer

This product is fantastic. Personally, I’ve always loved using a waterpik. However, I seemed to replace one every year or two. So when I saw this article I thought I’d try it. Well, let me say that this thing is fantastic. I use it to brush my teeth and then give me a refreshing waterpik treatment. This article will never fail to wear. Love it and we recommend it 100%.

This is a really nice alternative to the usual cumbersome dental devices with tanks. The jet is easy to control because it is literally the water pressure that adjusts itself through the bathroom faucet. It does not take up counter space. It was very easy to install. I like that the part that connects to the tap is a sturdy metal. I used it for about a month and I have no complaints.

I have bought many expensive sprinklers and they break, they stop loading, they wait for spare parts, but this is perfect. Just connect it to your tap and you can control the water temperature and pressure and there is nothing that can break. Many problems have been solved. Voices les spécifications pour le YSBER dental oral Irrigator water jet Flosser Water Floss Tooth SPA :

  • 1 Product features: No electricity required, powered by water, quiet, comfortable and hygienic, easy to install in sinks and showers, easy to use Brush your teeth after meals and before sleep, easy to maintain good health for the cavity oral, prevent bad teeth
  • 2 comparison nozzle: 120 degrees nozzle close to the complete range of teeth cleaning, 0.7 mm pulse water column 1200 beats per minute.
  • 3 operation: open or use, a key switch, 10 seconds to clean the cavity
  • 4 Material: ABS PVC Copper DuPont fur
  • 5 colors &: 5 nozzle devices are in different colors to prevent the use of any combination, which is hygienic and eye catchy

Easy to install and works perfectly. No other bulky equipment on the counter. Bonus: I use it every day, which is more than I can say for traditional style water. Just make sure you change the valve when you’re finished or you can get a surprise shower.

Easy to install and works perfectly. No other bulky equipment on the counter. Bonus: I use it every day, which is more than I can say for traditional style water. Just make sure you change the valve when you’re finished or you can get a surprise shower.

Hi, I’m your honest fan to anyone. Fashion, natural, healthy and comfortable product in good quality is YSBER’s pursuit. Product Description: Freshens breath Provides dental floss Removes debris and reduces bacteria Improves gum health Cleanses braces, bridges, crowns and dentures Can reach all points of the mouth * Warning: This product is specially used orally and is not allowed use for eyes, ears and nose Specification: * Name: Floss water tap * Also known as: Oral lrrigator jet * Package: 5 x Colorful nozzles (15x15x75mm / yellow, blue, purple, red, green) 1 x handle (15x15x90mm / white) 1 x hook (165x60x28mm / white) 1 x ABS diverter tap (23x23x12mm / white) 4 x Connectors (24mm, 23mm, 22mm, 20mm) 1 x flexible PVC (6x6x900mm / white) 1 x hexagonal key 1 x Two-side adhesive Packaging Details: 1.Production: 19.1 * 13 * 4.5cm, NW.: 0.243kg (without box) 2. Size unit : 19.1 * 13 * 4.5cm (color box) 3. Carton size: 39 * 40 * 41 cm (48pcs / box) 4.Weight: 13.3kg (one box) Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us . Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and services If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you can contact us and we can provide the best service team. Carton size: 39 * 40 * 41 cm (48pcs / box) 4.Weight: 13.3kg (one box) Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important for us. Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and services If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you can contact us and we can provide the best service team. Carton size: 39 * 40 * 41 cm (48pcs / box) 4.Weight: 13.3kg (one box) Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important for us. Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and services If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you can contact us and we can provide the best service team.

Espresso, Italians drink coffee online

 A significant figure that travels hand in hand with the constant search, online, of coffee machines, the most sought after products. Those for espresso coffee (35.8%) and coffee capsules (35.5%) beat inexorably the moka coffee makers (10.4%). A real boom. The convenience of being able to enjoy your cup of coffee in seconds as if you were at the bar has, therefore, caught on even among digital consumers. Now we talk about espresso online.

Espresso online (also to save money)

Idealo , the price comparison portal for digital purchases, has conducted a study on the preferences of coffee lovers in Italy. What emerged? That in 2017 there was a + 124.3% in terms of research of information, prices and opinions on coffee theme compared to 2016. The first part of 2018 (from January to May) shows a trend of + 64%: a trend confirmed, after all, e-commerce is now a reality. A reality that saves drink lovers: the maximum savings of 25.8% on espresso machines from 1000 euros upwards.

What users are looking for: the defeat of the moka

In terms of online research, we have already mentioned espresso coffee machines (35.8%), capsules (35.5%) and moka coffee makers (10.4%). At the foot of the podium there are coffee pods (7.2%).

Capsule coffee machines in 2017 recorded an interest growth of 310.8% compared to the previous year. Taking the whole capsule compartment with you too. In fact, again in 2017, it generated a 150% increase in interest compared to 2016.

Long coffee vs espresso

Another challenge that emerges from the survey is that between lovers of espresso and coffee lovers. In fact, in Italy there is a coffee enthusiast along every 78 espresso coffee lovers. An overwhelming and curious fact, because in contrast with the rest of Europe. The continental average in fact frames a ratio of 1: 4.

Italian gastronauts, here’s what they prefer Healthy Food

Good food , relaxation and an eye to wellness : this is what gastronauts like . And the Italian gastronaut, a true hunter of taste, is not far behind. For him, food is an instrument of knowledge, a way to learn stories, traditions, places and landscapes. This is why going on vacation and traveling also means, and often above all, eating. This is also demonstrated by a research by the Nestlé Observatory focused on food and travel.   It seems that 81% of people at least once a year are dedicated to gastronomic tourism. And 59% love to try and taste everything, especially the new tastes belonging to the Mediterranean sphere. Against 28% who do not like to get too far from the usual.

What the gastronauts like

The research aims to explore not only the places and dishes of the heart. But also the awareness of one’s own well-being behind the pleasure of good food that one seeks around the world. He examined behaviors during holidays outside the Italian borders and in European countries.   But also inclinations when the regions of our country are explored instead. It is the countries with Mediterranean food rations that are the preferred destinations for Italians. The reason is given by the fact that they do not reserve surprises and allow not to completely deviate from our eating habits. The Spain , with 60% of preferences, is in first place. Followed by Greece and France with 50% ePortugal with 33%. But the Nordic countries are also surprisingly emerging, ie Norway, Sweden and Finland with 17% of the preferences.

Neapolitan pizza is always the favorite dish

When the Italians remain in Italy, the travel souvenir seems to be the culinary experience. First of all, the more traditional restaurants are preferred. Then local markets and village festivals. Among the favorite destinations in Italy ideal for gastronomic tourism stand out Sicily, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia. The undisputed Kings and Queens of the favorite Italian dishes are Neapolitan pizza , buffalo mozzarella, Sicilian cannoli and Amatriciana.

A figure that emerges in a positive way sees about a third of Italians who travel increasingly attentive and aware of the balance of their diet. In fact, it is well known that all the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet play a beneficial role in the risk factors of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. But they must be taken in the recommended quantities, without exceeding. It is therefore necessary to keep the quantity of food under control by paying attention to the size of the dishes. Useful could be to ask for the half portion. Or services with reduced dishes, such as salad or dessert.