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Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Black Review

waterpik ultra water flosser black

Teeth preservation is an essential thing for every person. Going to the dentist is an unpopular thing. Not many actually visit the dentist often. An ordinary person just takes care of their teeth on their own. Traditionally, dental flosses and toothbrushes were the things used for keeping your teeth healthy and in shape. They were the only thing you could use for maintaining your teeth`s health.

Several years later, now, we have water flossers. As simple as we can put it, water flossers are like some kind of oral shower. Showering your teeth with a water flosser prevents unhealthy oral conditions. Recent researches showed that by using water flosser, you could potentially improve the health of your gum up to 52%. Allow me to tell you more about the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser.

Waterpik Ultra/ WP-100

The Waterpik Ultra or WP-100 is probably the most popular Waterpik product. Opposite to the previous versions, WP-100 has an exterior that is curvier. However, this version has a smaller reservoir than later versions. Waterpik ultra is available in black and white color. Its tank can carry up to 650ml. Still, it is quieter than earlier ones. Now, we are going to present you this product in greater detail.

Benefits and Characteristics

Wp-100 comes with a number of features worth mentioning. Those features are:

  • Older versions had a reservoir with a capacity of 1000ml. WP-100 has a 650ml.
  • Waterpik ultra has a 54-inch cord.
  • It has six tips included.
  • You can select from ten water pressure settings.

Six Tips of WP-100

  • Orthodontic, used for removing bacteria and plaque around your braces.
  • Toothbrush, it is used almost exactly like a classic toothbrush.
  • Pik Pocket, this tip is pretty narrowed. It is perfect for pressures which are more focused.
  • Classic Jet, there are two of them. Those are standard tips, they are pretty much for all-around using.
  • Plaque Seeker, perfect for reaching space between bridges, implants, and braces.

Positive and Negative Sides

Like anything you can think of, Waterpik ultra has positive and negative sides. We are going to shine a light on those. In order to present them to you, we looked through various reports sent by its consumers.

Positive Sides

WP-100 is small, it will not take too much of your space.

  • Removing the reservoir is not so hard as it used to be.
  • WP-100 is small, it will not take too much of your space.
  • Removing the reservoir is not so hard as it used to be.
  • The pause button is pretty usable.
  • Improved and attractive design.
  • Having a 54-inch cord is great.
  • Much quieter than previous versions of this product.

Negative Sides

  • You will have some difficulties if you are using it for the first time.
  • Some of the users are saying that a 54-inch long cord is too short.
  • For some people, it can be a bit pricey.
  • Although quieter than older ones, some are still considering it pretty loud.


Your dental health deserves a spot among your priorities. With that settled, Waterpik Ultra, or WP-100 is a must-have device. Countless of satisfied consumers can confirm that. This device will definitely deliver things you expect from it.