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Espresso, Italians drink coffee online

 A significant figure that travels hand in hand with the constant search, online, of coffee machines, the most sought after products. Those for espresso coffee (35.8%) and coffee capsules (35.5%) beat inexorably the moka coffee makers (10.4%). A real boom. The convenience of being able to enjoy your cup of coffee in seconds as if you were at the bar has, therefore, caught on even among digital consumers. Now we talk about espresso online.

Espresso online (also to save money)

Idealo , the price comparison portal for digital purchases, has conducted a study on the preferences of coffee lovers in Italy. What emerged? That in 2017 there was a + 124.3% in terms of research of information, prices and opinions on coffee theme compared to 2016. The first part of 2018 (from January to May) shows a trend of + 64%: a trend confirmed, after all, e-commerce is now a reality. A reality that saves drink lovers: the maximum savings of 25.8% on espresso machines from 1000 euros upwards.

What users are looking for: the defeat of the moka

In terms of online research, we have already mentioned espresso coffee machines (35.8%), capsules (35.5%) and moka coffee makers (10.4%). At the foot of the podium there are coffee pods (7.2%).

Capsule coffee machines in 2017 recorded an interest growth of 310.8% compared to the previous year. Taking the whole capsule compartment with you too. In fact, again in 2017, it generated a 150% increase in interest compared to 2016.

Long coffee vs espresso

Another challenge that emerges from the survey is that between lovers of espresso and coffee lovers. In fact, in Italy there is a coffee enthusiast along every 78 espresso coffee lovers. An overwhelming and curious fact, because in contrast with the rest of Europe. The continental average in fact frames a ratio of 1: 4.

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