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How to rekindle the passion under the sheets

How to light up the eros in case of the disappearance of desire is one of the dilemmas that sooner or later all couples face.

Yes, because the drop in libido can be a phase for the couple or an unmissable destiny. It all depends on how this delicate passage is dealt with. If you take it on your chest, if you deal with it, or if you ignore it hoping to pass by itself.


In the Daily Mail, the sexual wellness expert Tracey Cox gives some tips to recover her sex life successfully.

The expert tells her about how to face a couple crisis, how to deal with the issue verbally with the partner and advises correct behavior and others more wrong to solve the decline in passion.

Here’s what he revealed to the popular tabloid.

How to light up the eros in the case of the disappearance of desire

Always talk about the problem

Verbalising and thus bringing the difficult problem to the couple’s attention, is one of the most useful ways to tackle the problem of the drop in libido.

If the company is then too difficult or meets resistance, the expert also advises the intervention of a sexologist or a professional to resolve the issue.

Explain what you want in bed

Another way to improve your sex life is to communicate your sexual preferences to your partner. We often focus too much on frequency as a parameter of a good sex life. Instead, it is better to try to move the balance needle towards the quality of sexual intercourse.

Do not expect everything to end in one night

Ok, you talked about the problem and tried together to figure out what’s wrong. But now do not be hasty and do not think that everything can be resolved soon. To see real changes, it takes time and effort. So do not be discouraged if the change of route does not arrive suddenly, but insist and compare again.

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