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Italian gastronauts, here’s what they prefer Healthy Food

Good food , relaxation and an eye to wellness : this is what gastronauts like . And the Italian gastronaut, a true hunter of taste, is not far behind. For him, food is an instrument of knowledge, a way to learn stories, traditions, places and landscapes. This is why going on vacation and traveling also means, and often above all, eating. This is also demonstrated by a research by the Nestlé Observatory focused on food and travel.   It seems that 81% of people at least once a year are dedicated to gastronomic tourism. And 59% love to try and taste everything, especially the new tastes belonging to the Mediterranean sphere. Against 28% who do not like to get too far from the usual.

What the gastronauts like

The research aims to explore not only the places and dishes of the heart. But also the awareness of one’s own well-being behind the pleasure of good food that one seeks around the world. He examined behaviors during holidays outside the Italian borders and in European countries.   But also inclinations when the regions of our country are explored instead. It is the countries with Mediterranean food rations that are the preferred destinations for Italians. The reason is given by the fact that they do not reserve surprises and allow not to completely deviate from our eating habits. The Spain , with 60% of preferences, is in first place. Followed by Greece and France with 50% ePortugal with 33%. But the Nordic countries are also surprisingly emerging, ie Norway, Sweden and Finland with 17% of the preferences.

Neapolitan pizza is always the favorite dish

When the Italians remain in Italy, the travel souvenir seems to be the culinary experience. First of all, the more traditional restaurants are preferred. Then local markets and village festivals. Among the favorite destinations in Italy ideal for gastronomic tourism stand out Sicily, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia. The undisputed Kings and Queens of the favorite Italian dishes are Neapolitan pizza , buffalo mozzarella, Sicilian cannoli and Amatriciana.

A figure that emerges in a positive way sees about a third of Italians who travel increasingly attentive and aware of the balance of their diet. In fact, it is well known that all the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet play a beneficial role in the risk factors of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. But they must be taken in the recommended quantities, without exceeding. It is therefore necessary to keep the quantity of food under control by paying attention to the size of the dishes. Useful could be to ask for the half portion. Or services with reduced dishes, such as salad or dessert.

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