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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

best single serve coffee maker

Having a nice cup of coffee right there in your home is a great delight. Especially for coffee lovers. Today, on the market you can find a plethora of coffee makers that are coming in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs you can select from the simplest ones to those who have timers and notifies you about scheduled brewing.

Of course, every coffee brewer comes with various features. For example, coffee warmer, multiple outputs or timer.


On the market, you can find single serve coffee makers with water filter included. Those filters are there to cleanse the water your coffee maker is using, from all contaminations. Usually, they have filters made of carbon block, and they can have an impact on your coffee`s taste. All of this depends on the quality of water from your home`s water supply. If your water is not good at all, you will see the difference.

If you have quality water, you will have no need for a filter. Naturally, after some time, those filters need to be changed. You should do that if you want to have high-quality coffee at any moment. You will need to buy new ones in some period of time. In our experience, we see that this is a very significant element of having quality coffee at your disposal.

Keep You Coffee Heated

After you finish brewing your pot of coffee, sometimes you have some urgent business to attend to. So, after you come back after some time, you will see that coffee you made is now cold, and you can only throw it away. Having a coffee heater inside of your coffee maker is a pretty useful thing. Coffee, after made, rapidly declines in quality. Thankfully, more expensive coffee makers have a built-in heather system, which will keep your coffee warmer and tastier longer than usual.

Check the Features

The simplest coffee makers have nothing more than the pot and coffee maker. When we talk about more expensive devices, we will see that they are equipped with various gadgets and features. Among those features, you can find things that are very useful to your everyday coffee brewing. We are going to name them.


This feature has the task of informing how fresh is your coffee.  It calculates how much time has passed since brewing stopped. That way you can avoid making multiple pots if you still have a fresh one near you.


Usually, people are talking about scheduler the most. You can find it on almost every coffee maker you can think of. Except on the simplest ones. With this feature, you can have a high-quality coffee at any moment you want. You just need to pour everything into a pot and schedule when you want brewing to begin.